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I don’t know why but I have a strong interest in English.
My English has only just begun but I’m very happy as I am walking on air when I get through to foreigners.
Derek-sensei always coaches me very kindly, politely, patiently and heartily. I want to keep studying English under Derek-sensei and I dream I can speak English fluently someday. I’m an elderly woman, so I forget what I have learned even though I memorized it right away. I’m still looking forward to my lesson days and I can’t wait for them. I want to keep up studying English as long as I keep well with my Roujin-ryoku, which basically means that the old have the special ability of being able to forget anything easily. I use this to be able to willingly review material.
I really like my teacher. I couldn’t be happier to have met Derek-sensei.
I will do my best. Thank you very much for everything.

私は先生が大好きです。 デレック先生に出会えたことは最高に幸せでした。

S.M 女性 煙草店経営 72才

Thank you very much for always teaching me politely.
The reason why I started to learn English was to expand my knowledge. I thought my goal would be to be able to handle English just like Japanese people handle Japanese. However I did nothing but hope of it and made no progress. In fact, I was ready to back out even if I had chances to speak with foreigners. I was especially very sad not to speak English when I went abroad. Therefore I started to go to Smith’s School of English Tsukaguchi School to depart from the past. I made up my mind to study harder to broaden my horizons to the world more and more and I wish to borrow strength from Derek-sensei and his wife.
I always appreciate what you’ve taught me.(^o^)丿

特に海外へ行った時の話せない自分が無念でたまりません。 この長年の思いから脱却したい気持ちで受講させていただく様になりました。 もっともっと世界へと視野が広がる様にデレック先生、明美さんの力を借りて頑張ろうと思います!

J 女性 歯科衛生士 28才

I’ve been learning English from Derek-sensei for about 4 years.
English was my favorite subject as a student, so someday I wanted to learn English conversation. One day I met up with a man who was doing flyers in front of Tsukaguchi station. I was impressed by his dedicated manner. Sometimes I received his flyers and one day I decided to have a trial lesson. At that time he never spoke Japanese, so I worried about my lessons but I didn’t need to. He is good at teaching English in English. It really helped me to improve my English ability. Now I enjoy emails with him and recently I can write them offhand and more quickly. He does various kinds of lessons every time. I’m looking forward to my lessons every week. It’s great when I can understand what he says and I can answer immediately. Thanks to Derek-sensei, I love English!

学生時代、英語は一番好きな科目でしたので「いつか英会話を習いたい!」と思っていました。 ある日、私は阪急・塚口駅の前でビラを配っている外国人を見ました。 その外国人はいつも笑顔だったので、私は時々そのビラを受け取りました。 そしてその時とても感じが良かったので、私は体験レッスンを受けてみることにしましたが、その外国人こそデレック先生でした。 その頃デレック先生はほとんど日本語を話されませんでしたので授業についていけるかなと心配でしたが、先生はどんな難しい英語でも、私にわかる英語に置き換えてすべて英語で説明してくださったので、このことが却って私の英語力アップに役立ったのではないかと感謝しています。 お陰で英語のメールも楽しめ、最近では下書きなしで日本語と同じくらいのスピードで送ることができるようになりました。 デレック先生は毎回いろんなレッスンをしてくださるので、毎週その日が来るのが私はとても楽しみです。 先生の言われたことが理解でき即座に答えられた時は最高です。デレック先生のお陰で私は英語が大好きです!

T 女性 会社員 58才

I have been interested in English since I was a student. I started to learn English conversation because I wanted to make more and more progress in my English. I have been enjoying every lesson since I started to go Smith’s School of English. I can learn English because my teacher teaches me English very intelligibly.


E.K 女性 21才

I wanted to learn English without thinking about my poor English because my sister, who started to go to Smith’s School of English Tsukaguchi School a little before, looked lively and very happy. I felt uneasy about Smith’s accepting me because I was excessively poor at English, remembering almost only my ABCs. Derek-sensei said “Daijoubu!” and he truly started to teach me with the pronunciation of “ABC” in a polite way. He always teaches me various kinds of phrases nicely while using Canada (where he is from) to give some examples and has been doing so for 3 years now. Therefore I have been learning not only English conversation but also interesting things about the English−speaking world, a culture I haven’t known so much. I am very happy to have started learning English conversation and to have met Derek-sensei. Derek-sensei always offers me great lessons taking into account my English ability, which has made it possible for me to email him in English, even though I was so poor when I started. Thanks to Derek-sensei, I am really enjoying studying English and I love English! (^^♪

私より少し早くスミス英会話塚口校に通い始めた姉が、毎日とてもイキイキ楽しそうにしているのを見て、自分の実力も忘れて私も英会話を習いたくなりました。 「ABCは覚えてるけど・・・」という程度の惨憺たる私でしたので果たして「学校が受け入れてくれはるかしらん???」と不安でしたが、デレック先生は「ダイジョウブ!」とにこやかにABCの発音から丁寧に教えて下さいました。 レッスンではいつも、ご自分の出身国のカナダのことを例に出しながら楽しくいろんなフレーズを教えてくださり、私はこの3年間、英会話だけでなく今までよく知らなかった英語圏のカルチャーにまで触れることができ、英会話を習い始めたこと・デレック先生に出会えたことを大変幸せに思っています。 本当にデレック先生はいつも私の実力にあった楽しいレッスンをして下さるので、あんなになーんにも出来なかった私が今では英語でメールを楽しめるようになりました。 デレック先生のお陰で「英語・命」の日々を送らせていただいています!(^^♪

F 女性 無職 56才

I started to learn English conversation because I wanted to understand English television programs or English interviews on the news by myself. I was taught English at Smith’s by some teachers and they were all very nice. Derek-sensei is the best for me because his lessons are easy to understand and I can learn English with relaxation and delight.


S.M 女性 公務員 50代

The reason why I started to learn English conversation was because I was shocked and envied my senior coworker when he spoke English cheerfully with foreigners before my very eyes. At that time, I could say only “hello”, “please” and “thank you”. Derek-sensei’ s lessons are very nice. I’m sure you can enjoy learning English even if you are a beginner or your English level is very low because he always manages to teach using his gestures and eloquent face. I want to make progress in English as quickly as I can. I hope I can enjoy watching movies without subtitles and speak English comfortably with foreigners one day.

私が英会話を始めたのは、ハロー・プリーズ・サンキューしかいえない私の前で会社の先輩が、英語で海外の方と楽しそうに話しているのを見て、ショックを受けたからです。 デレック先生の授業は、身振り手振り、顔の表情で教えてもらえるので、英語がさっぱりわからなくても楽しく勉強することができます。

J 女性 会社員 33才

My company has an education system which gives us a subsidy if we want to study English. Therefore I joined the system and started to learn English conversation.
Derek-san makes me feel relaxed, so I can strike up a friendly English conversation with him.
I hope my English ability is improving every day.


T 男性 会社員 30代

I was poor at speaking English because I got nervous and I couldn’t get my points across to foreigners even though I didn’t dislike studying English. I started to learn English at Smith’s School of English when I enrolled in my high school. Thanks to Derek-sensei’s fun lessons, English conversation became very enjoyable for me. Nowadays I don’t feel nervous because the Smith’s system includes small-group instruction.  I am also going to study hard with delight at Smith’s School of English from now on so I hope I can speak English in a foreign country one day.


Y 女性 高校生 16才

I started to learn English conversation at Smith’s School of English to take a trip to NZ with an Australian. She doesn’t speak Japanese, so I had to communicate with her in English. At first I was going to go to English school for only about three months till the trip. However after taking more lessons, communicating in English had become enjoyable for me, so I decided to continue going to Smith’s School of English. Derek waits patiently, even if it takes more time for me to speak English. He explains the meaning of a word, phrase or sentence in plain words. In the future I’d like to understand the English spoken by a local tour conductor when I take a trip.


M .T 女性  薬剤師  30代

English is “the key” for me, the key to open the brand new door. I want to make more friends, and meet more people and communicate with them in English. I want to express my feelings more than ever. I think it’s not easy, but I will try to. Now, I’m not afraid to make mistakes, and don’t hesitate to speak English in this school. Thank you, Derek. Every time, you help me to find “the key”.

ありがとうデレック。 あなたはいつもその「鍵」を探す手助けをしてくれています。

K  男性  コック  34才

I’ve been learning English at Smith’s School of English Tsukaguchi School since the end of last year. My main purpose for learning English is to boost my listening comprehension because I want to stay overseas for a long time one day. The teacher is honest and gentle! His lessons are very fun!


Y.M  男性  会社員  50代

Thank you very much for enjoyable lessons. I have been studying English for 3 years. I speak in broken English even now, but I am happy. I can’t speak English enough, but I can understand it.


M.O  女性  看護師  30代