“Hello AlexHow are you?Thank you for your inviting me to the event on last Sunday.That was the first to see Midoshuji parade.Because I have been scared being in the crowd.But That was not too crowded.So I could enjoyed. Thank you for giving me the chance to see Midousuji Parade.And also I have enjoyed dinner with nice people.I have got new friends there.


“Alex Hello.Thank you for invited me^^I enjoyed Midosuji Parade and dinner,and sorry I was big mouth >>>>>=o=”


​“Hello Mr.AlexThank you for inviting us.Our students and I had a very good time. See you next at my lesson."


​“Hi Alex,Thank you for your message.Needless to say, I had a good time and felt like having many friends.I want to thank you for the hospitality shown to me during the time.As I told you, Midousuji parade was for the first time to me, I enjoyed many performances with our member.I can praise you so much since you are able to gather many members. You are well qualified to be a honor.I look forward to seeing our member someday. アレックス、ほんとうに楽しかったよ!また皆と会いたいもんだ。”


“Hi Alex,Thank you for invite event on Sunday.I had a happy time!I want to invite some event.Today I will go to japanese volunteer.I will event on 20,21 october in Osaka Castle Playing Ground "Taiyo-no-hiroba""The 8th Citizen Festival " Please come event!I will tell you soon.  See you again"

ハロー!アレックス!日曜日のイベントに誘ってくれてありがとう。私はハッピーな時間を過ごしました。私もイベントに招待したいです。今日は日本のボランティア活動に参加する予定です。10月20日、21日、大阪城公園 太陽の広場にて“第8回市民フェスティバル”を行ないます。ぜひ、ご参加下さい。アレックス、また詳細をお伝えします。

“Hi. How are you?Thank you on last sunday.I enjoyed the parade, too.I show you result of the photograph which I took then at the time of next class.Please look forward to.See you. Take care.”


“Hi Alex,Thank you again for inviting me on Sunday.Yeah! I had great time there with everyone, too.It was very beautiful day and it increased good feeling on me even I was hangover at that time though.I could have conversation with some of your students and they were very nice to me.I regard you are the excellent teacher. It is not only about the lesson, but also your attitude to your students.You were always trying to be nice and entertain all people.I really respect your this point.And you seem you are very successful on your business with Smith.I’m praying your success on your business!Thank you so much again, Alex.”