Ice cream week at Smith school of English in Fuse!It was very hot humid in the first week of August 2010 - a Japanese summer at its best. With temperature over 35C. Just by going outside you were guaranteed to sweat.


So a treat of cold vanilla ice cream was awaiting the students in the Smith School of English in Fuse during the first week of August from the 1st till the 7th.


This tasty ice cream was waiting for all our students in the first week of August.


Not all of the students like ice cream, but most really enjoyed the tasty cool-down from the summer heat.

There were lots of comments like "I`ll take it!" or "It`s delicious!"

「いただきます!」「美味しい!」との声が多く聞かれました。They were really satisfied.生徒さんたちも大満足の様子です。

Some could not believe their luck. One said: "An ice cream? Really? If that`s so, I`ll eat it."

One student even said that she normally did not like ice cream because it is too sweet, but that our ice cream was not too sweet.

​Thank you all participating and enjoying the ice cream week!

Smith's School of English Fuse 月謝制のスミス英会話 布施校